Who are we?

Ibana B.V. is the responsible party in the sense of General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).

Privacy statement Ibana B.V.

Ibana B.V. respects the privacy of persons of which they process personal data and guarantees its protection. Personal data will be processed with the utmost care. The legal requirements for protection of personal data will be observed by Ibana B.V. Ibana B.V. will not sell your personal data to third parties.

This privacy statement is only applicable to the processing of personal data of natural persons. Not natural persons, among which legal persons, have no personal data as meant in this and therefore cannot derive rights. When stated in this privacy statement the word “person” or “persons”, there only will be referred to a natural person or natural persons.

In this privacy statement Ibana B.V. informs you about, amongst others, whose personal data will be processed, for which purposes, which rights you have and how you can use your rights.

Who is responsible for processing and what are the contact details?

Responsible for processing is Ibana B.V.

  • Ibana B.V.
  • Rigakade 20-4
  • 1013 BC Amsterdam
  • Ibana B.V. can be reached by e-mail address
  • webshop@ibana.nl of by telephone number 020 240 28 40.
    • Whose personal data will be processed by Ibana B.V.?

      Ibana B.V. will process personal data, amongst others, of the following category of persons:

      • (Potential) customers of Ibana B.V.;
      • Users of the contact form on the website;
      • Persons which in anyway (written) contact Ibana B.V. and other persons whose personal data will be processed by Ibana B.V.;
      • Visitors of the website;
      • Ibana B.V. staff;
      • Ibana B.V. applicants;
      • Recipients of the newsletter
      • Which personal data will be processed by Ibana B.V.?

        Ibana B.V. will process personal data which are provided (in)directly to her. Personal data is data that (in)directly refers to a person with which this person can be identified. It concerns amongst others, but not exclusively, your name, address and residence, telephone number and e-mail address. The social security number will only be processed when it concerns staff and applicants of Ibana B.V.

        Based on what will Ibana B.V. process your personal data?

        Ibana B.V. will process your personal data based on one or more of the following foundations:

      • You have given Ibana B.V. permission for processing your personal data;
      • Processing is necessary for the execution of the agreement between you and Ibana B.V.
      • Ibana B.V. has a legal obligation for processing your personal data;
      • Ibana B.V. has a justified importance for processing your personal data (sending newsletters).
      • For which purposes will Ibana use your personal data?

        Ibana B.V. will process your personal data amongst other things for:

        • Keeping a customer base;
        • Creating and executing the agreement between you and Ibana B.V. (e.g. executing your purchase);
        • Fulfil a legal obligation;
        • Contacting and maintain contact (e.g. regarding your order);
        • Informing about changes in the services of Ibana B.V.;
        • Sending newsletters;
        • Analysing and improving the services of Ibana B.V., among which the web shop and performing marketing research for the purpose of;
        • Payrolling administration for Ibana B.V. staff
          • Ibana B.V. can also process your personal data for other understandable purposes. These purposes depend upon the reason of which you have supplied your personal data to Ibana B.V.

            Who are the recipients of the personal data?

            Ibana B.V. cab share your personal data internal. Besides that, your personal data can be given to third parties. Your personal data will only be shared with third parties when it’s necessary for execution of on of the (in this privacy statement) mentioned purposes.

            Processor agreement

            Ibana B.V. can instruct a third party to process your personal data for her benefit. A processor agreement between Ibana B.V. and this third party then is obligated. Ibana B.V. will make sure that this agreement will be made and will meet the legal requirements.

            How long will Ibana B.V. save your personal data?

            Ibana B.V. will save your personal data for as long as necessary for the (in this privacy statement) mentioned purposes.

            What are your rights?

            Right of insight
            You can request Ibana B.V. to have insight in your personal data. The website of Ibana B.V. contains a tool with which you can request all your personal data in the possession of Ibana B.V. You can request Ibana B.V. to receive the information in this privacy statement. When received your request, Ibana B.V. will provide you with a copy of your personal data. When you will request for other copy’s, Ibana can charge you with a reasonable compensation on the basis of administrative expenses.

            Right of rectification
            You can request Ibana B.V. to rectify, without delay, your incorrect personal data. E.g. complete your incomplete personal data by an additional declaration. The purposes as stated in this privacy statement, will be observed.

            Right of removal
            You can request Ibana B.V. to remove your personal data without delay. The website of Ibana B.V. contains a tool with which you can request for removal. Ibana B.V. is also obligated without delay, to remove your personal data when you withdraw your permission for processing your personal data and when there is no other legal basis for processing or when your personal data is no longer required for the purposes of which they were collected.

            Right of limitation
            You have the right to limit the processing of your personal data. In this case your personal data may not (temporarily) be processed. You have this right when you dispute the correctness of your personal data, when the processing is unlawful and you request limitation of the use of the data instead of removal, when you need your personal data for instituting or substantiating a legal action and Ibana B.V. no longer needs the personal data for processing purposes or when you objected against processing your personal data. When processing your personal data will be limited, Ibana B.V. will only be allowed to save your personal data. Ibana B.V. will inform you in advance when the limitation will be lifted.

            Right to transfer your personal data
            You have the right to receive your personal data in structured, common and machine-readable form, so that you can give the data to another controller. If technically possible, you also have the right to request Ibana B.V. to send your personal data directly to the other controller.

            Right to object
            You have the right to object the processing of your personal data at all times. When you have objected, your personal data will no longer be used, unless there are compelling justified grounds for processing your personal data.

            Do you want to exercise one of your rights?

            A request for insight, rectification, removal, limitation or transferring your personal data or for objecting, you can send an e-mail with your request to: webshop@ibana.nl As soon as your personal data is rectified, removed or when processing is limited, Ibana B.V. will inform the recipients of your personal data.

            Do you want to withdraw your permission?

            You have the right to withdraw your permission for processing your personal data at all times. You can withdraw your permission by sending an e-mail in which you state to want to do so, to: webshop@ibana.nl. Withdrawing your permission doesn’t detract the legality of processing your personal data on basis of your permission before the withdrawal.

            Filing a complaint

            The Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens treats complaints about compliance with legal requirements for the protection of personal data. You have the right to file a complaint at the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.


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            Ibana B.V. is allowed to change this privacy statement. This may be necessary when e.g. laws and/or regulations change, but also when for whatever reason something changes in the use of personal data. You can consult the privacy statement on the website of Ibana B.V. to be informed of changes.


            Ibana offers the possibility to buy on account by the payment method Klarna. These provider(s) reserve the right to (let) a credibility check (be performed). For more information about Klarna, please visit the website www.klarna.com or call telephone number 020 - 80 82 852.

            Contact data Klarna:

            • Klarna Bank AB (publ)
            • Sveavägen 46
            • 111 34 Stockholm
            • Sweden
            • Organisation number: 556737-043
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                This access data will not be processed and will be automatically overwritten at the latest within 7 days after your last visit at the page. Other personal data will only be given to Trusted Shops when you, after placing an order, choose to use the Trusted Shops products or when you are already are signed up for their use. In that case a contractual agreement between you and the Trusted Shops applies.

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                Questions or complaints

                Do you have questions about this privacy statement? Please contact Ibana B.V.: webshop@ibana.nl. Our customer service is happy to help you with any question or request, in the need of information or when you want to change your personal data. When Ibana has to change her privacy policy for any reason necessary, the website will show the latest version.

                Suggestions and reviews

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                Changes in the privacy policy

                Ibana reserves the right to change the content of her privacy policy. All changes will be published on our website.