This black leather pants from IBANA is crafted of the leather quality Nappa Stretch. Nappa stretch is a very thin leather quality and is attached to a stretch fabric that makes the leather elastic. Because the leather is so thin and supple it feels like a second skin and it ensures a great wearing comfort. The Tarte Tartin trousers are a stylish addition to your wardrobe. The leather pants have a skinny model and a tight fit. The leather  pants are very stylish with a classy blouse and a pair of heels, perfect for a party or dinner.

Your IBANA leather item needs care as well as love. It is therefore wise to spray your new leather jacket or new suede dress extra with a leather spray, preferably before wearing. With this spray you protect your new favorite leather jacket or garment against stains and water circles. The IBANA leather spray is perfect for protecting both leather and suede and ensures that the garment lasts a long time.

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