The Jessy black jacket is made from the quality Sheep Glovy. This soft, clean leather quality has been washed, making it extra soft to the touch. Then it is treated with a coating which gives it a luxurious look. The Jessy black jacket has two front pockets with a snap button and two silver zippers located on the waist, which provides a playful effect when worn. Furthermore, the jacket is made to measure, so we advise you to keep your current size.

Your IBANA leather item also needs care in addition to love. It is therefore wise to spray your new leather jacket or new suede dress extra with a leather spray, preferably before wearing it. This will protect your new favorite leather jacket or garment against stains and water rings. The IBANA impregnation spray is perfect for protecting and caring for both leather and suede and ensures that the garment lasts a long time.